"Pathway to Success" Brick Paver Fundraiser

8/6/2013 Update

Spring is here and we have a couple of new bricks to be engraved and installed in the Brick Walkway at the Castle.
If you did not get a chance to order one before and would like to now, then now is the time. I'd like to get these engraved at once since it's an hour drive each way for me to drop off bricks and pick them up. 
If anyone is interested, we can forego filling out the form, if you send me what you want and send a check for $100 or $250 to Mike Blanek. 4 x 8 bricks are $100. 8 x 8 bricks are $250. You can have 3 lines total, with up to 18 characters per line.
I'll give it a couple of weeks, then I will get them made. Let me know.
2/1/11 Update
- We have collected approximately $3,000 in donations to date.
- We have a total of over $5,000 committed to the project.
- Many past pledge classes are getting together to each purchase a brick, and have them placed next to each other on the pathway. Let me know if there are others.
Thanks in advance!

The Phi Kappa Upsilon Alumni Association invites you to become a permanent part of Phi Kappa Upsilon history by purchasing a commemorative brick for the new “Pathway to Success” walkway. This new brick paver walkway will replace the current concrete walkway extending from the driveway and side door around to the front door. We hope to have the “Pathway to Success” walkway completed by the end of 2011. Purchasing a “Pathway to Success” brick is an easy way to leave a lasting legacy while at the same time helping to improve the look of “The Castle” property. Your contribution from the sale of each brick goes directly toward the construction of the “Pathway to Success” walkway. Any additional contributions will be used for future capital improvement projects.

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