Supreme Chapter Officers:

Position 2011-2013 2013-2015 2015-2017
Supreme President Tim O'Connor Tim O'Connor Doug Riddell
Supreme Vice President Giuseppe Lacaria Doug Riddell Ross Mason
Supreme Master of Rituals Joe Grammatico Joe Grammatico Joseph Grammatico
Supreme Justice Seam Cook Giuseppe Lacaria Giuseppe Lacaria
Supreme Auditor Jim Trandell Dale Hartford -
Supreme Secretary Chris Mattson Chris Mattson Ryan Olson
Supreme Treasurer Chris Mattson Chris Mattson Larry Krajewski
Communication & Technology - - Ryan Matthews
Historian - - Trevor Ferry
Director at Large -
Administrative Board
Kevin Gravier Sean Cook Micheal Bianchi
Director at Large -
Administrative Board
Larry Krajewski Larry Krajewski -
Director at Large -
Board of Directors
Ron Muccioli Jim Gresehover -

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"All the worthwhile and precious things in life are only obtainable through continous and exacting efforts. Their worth is in direct proportion to the amount of effort put forth for their obtainment."

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