Current Roster

Tom Stellmach

Pledged: Spring 2010
Expected Graduation: Mechanical Engineering w/ Concentrations in Transportation Design & Automotive, 2015, LTU
Occupation: Controls Engineering at ADVICS of North America
Current Positions: Delta Treasurer & Housing Corp. Board Member
Previous Positions: Delta President, Delta Vice President, Student Government Rep., Greek Council Rep., & IFC Rep.
I go to school full time and work full time. I am a driven young professional that enjoys sports and cars. The fraternity helps me network while relaxing and enjoying people in a casual environment.

James Pattison

Pledged Fall 2010
Delta Master of Rituals
Expected to Graduate December 2014 with a BS in Architecture
Works for LTU in the Accounts Payable department
I recently had a son named Lincoln. Between school, work, the fraternity, and taking care of my family, i have little free time.
I spend most of my free time realizing techniques to create a better pizza bagel.

Josue Nunes-Hernandez

Pledged: spring 2011
Major: Architecture 4th year
Position: Vice President of Delta Chapter
Currently work at Testing, Engineer's, and Consultants in Troy.
I enjoy photography, listening to music, watching Netflix, sketching randomly, and traveling. I am currently directing the play, A mid-summer nights dream, for LTU Society of Dramatic Arts. I. Also involved with the KCP scholars group.

Yat Kung Hui

Fall 2010
Civil Engineering
Engineering Technician at Testing Engineers and Consultant
I love sports especially basketball. My favorite team is Chicago Bulls and Bruce Lee is my inspiration to work hard in life.

Zaid Almasarweh

Pledged Fall 2010
Delta Fundraising Chair
Expecting to Graduate December 2015 with a BS in Electrical Engineering
Job: Geek Squad Restart Officer
I go to Wayne State, but I am still committed and involved in the Fraternity's business. The Fraternity has given me a lot of opportunities to network and overall have great friendships with my brothers

Howard Randolph

Pledged: Fall 2011
Expected Graduation:Bachelors of arts and sciences in Media Communications. Concentration in Film & Motion Graphics/Visual Effects Design
Occupation: Motion Designer at Lawrence Technological University / Video Production assistant / Motion Designer at Ziebart International Corporation.
Current Positions: Delta Historian
Previous Positions: Delta Fundraising Chair, Delta Corresponding Secretary
Between my time on the semi pro disc golf circuit, and amateur animal dentistry, i enjoy longboarding, cycling, and watching movies with Kevin bacon.

Adam Oddo

Fall 2011
Delta Associate Member Educator
Bachelors in Game Art
Driver at Oakland Metal Sales
Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll and Sex, Physically tough and mentally solid Adam is nobody's fool. Adam is very active in the fraternity and is majoring in Game Art. Adam likes to play video games and play a wide variety of sports.

John Fankowski

John J. Frankowski
Pledged: Spring 2012
Expected Graduation: Architecture, 2015, LTU
Occupation: Samples, Receiving, and Distribution Specialist at Virginia Tile Company
Current Positions: House Manager & Housing Corp. Board Member
Previous Positions: Delta Social/Rush Chair, Delta Chaplain, Delta Recording Secretary (Forced Retirement) Greek Council Rep., & IFC Rep.
Originally hailing from his moms vagina, John has called Phi Kappa Upsilon home for 3 years now. He's been called anything between 'decent' all the way to a 'pretty good' friend. His only role model is God, because He invented everything.

David Allen

Bio: Pledged Spring of 2012, I am an Architecture major, I am a beer connoisseur

Christopher Leclerc

Pledged Spring 2013
Delta Webmaster
Robotic Engineering
Born in Grossepointe, MI I grew up in Canton, MI.  I am going to LTU for Robotic Engineering.  I'm a Junior and I joined PKY in Spring of 2013. I have enjoyed my year with ΦΚΥ and look forward for years to come.

Nathan Delaney

Pledged Spring of 2013
Chemistry major
I enjoy watching anime, and playing FIFA.

Alexandre Briskieviez Silva

Bio: Born and raised in Sao Paulo, SP - Brazil. A government sponsor brought me to Michigan and Lawrence Tech. My major is Computer Science, as I like everything about computers and programming since High School. My hobbies include play video games, play/listen to music and watch movies. I'm terrible at sports and I don't speak Spanish.

Alexander Fortin

Year pledged: Fall 2013
Current position: Recording Securary, Warden(I think?)
Expected Graduation: Computer Engineering 2018
Current employment situation: Accountants Payable at Lawrence Tech
I enjoy hanging out, long walks to the fridge, and reps for Jesus.

Christopher Lobo

Spring 2014
Social/Rush Chair
Media Communications
Freelance Cinematography
Likes exercise, sports, making movies, tote guns and shoot dice,
any-kind of music, chilling with the brothers

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