Bathroom Renovations (UPDATED 5/22/14)

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Our fraternity has experienced an amazing renaissance in recent years.  Our active alumni membership is at an all time high.  Delta chapter, the Alumni chapter, and the Housing Corporation are financially solvent with all our bills, taxes, insurance, all paid-up and on-time.  The house in recent years has had a host of improvements: all new windows, a paver brick side walk, a back deck, the Alumni Lounge Area, a new free standing garage, new landscaping on the house perimeter, a sand volley ball court, a horse shoe pit, a new basement study area.  All of these improvements were well crafted and enhance the living experience of the residents and make the house a pleasant place to visit.  One other note of pride, all of these projects were self funded by the generosity of our alumni brothers.  Now, the membership is embarking on yet another major improvement project, the refurbishment of the upstairs bathroom.

Enclosed in this mailing is the Housing Corporation’s business plan for this project.  Please take some time to read our justification and reasoning behind taking on this major house improvement.  Yes, it will be expensive but I believe (and hope that you will too after you read the plan) that it will be well worth the effort and money.

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Mike Fitzpatrick
Phi Kappa Upsilon Housing Corporation


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