The Phi Kappa Upsilon Fraternity was founded at the suggestion of the late Dean Russell E. Lawrence, who had also founded Lawrence Institute of Technology. The Fraternity was organized in order to perpetuate the bond of friendship between the original students of the college and those who followed. Our fraternity was to embody all the ideas of Dean Lawrence, as well as those of Lawrence Technological University.
  With the help of many other Tech students who had been members of the University of Detroit Dynamics Club, Dean Lawrence founded Phi Kappa Upsilon. Brother Lawrence realized that by the formation of a fraternity, men in college would receive valuable social training in addition to their formal education. These men felt that even though the Dynamic Club and other related groups were beneficial, a fraternal organization would be necessary to build a closer relationship between students. Fraternal brotherhood creates unity such as that can be accomplished in no other manner. 
  The Phi Kappa Upsilon Fraternity was organized under a nation charter, the nucleus being located at Lawrence Institute of Technology. The founding occurred on August 15, 1932 at the Whittier Hotel in Detroit, Michigan. One hundred thirty-five industrial firms were present to witness the birth of Phi Kappa Upsilon fraternity that evening.


Quote by Russell E. Lawrence

"All the worthwhile and precious things in life are only obtainable through continous and exacting efforts. Their worth is in direct proportion to the amount of effort put forth for their obtainment."

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