The Phi Kappa Upsilon Fraternity's history dates back to the very beginnings of Lawrence Technological University, then called Lawrence Institute of Technology. 

The fraternity was founded in 1932 at the suggestion of the late Dean Russell E. Lawrence the founder of Lawrence Institute of Technology (1932). The signing of the charter took place on November 21st, 1932, including Dean Lawrence as an Honorary Member. 

The fraternity was organized in order to perpetuate the bond of friendship between the original students of the College and those that followed. The fraternity was to embody all the ideals of Dean Lawrence and Lawrence Institute. 

The purpose of Phi Kappa Upsilon Fraternity is to further the individual and collective welfare of it's members by creating cultural, education and fraternal advantages. 

Active support of the fraternity and all its functions is unquestionably an endeavor which will always pay important dividends through your life.

Quote by Russell E. Lawrence

"All the worthwhile and precious things in life are only obtainable through continous and exacting efforts. Their worth is in direct proportion to the amount of effort put forth for their obtainment."

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